Wilderness Wild Food Experience

Food is a big part of your Experience with The New Zealand Adventure Company, with strong hunter-gather influences much of these wild food experiences will be intertwined within your New Zealand adventure by your hosts at The New Zealand Adventure Company.

You will experience wild food like:

  • Wild Venison (deer)
  • New Zealand Crayfish
  • Paua (Abalone)
  • New Zealand Whitebait
  • Duck
  • New Zealand Eel
  • Various salt and fresh water fish species
  • Wild Pig
  • Tahr and Chamios

In most cases you will be taught how to catch your game, field dress it, prep it then how to cook and enjoy it. Meals will be prepared by your guides or by your own personal chef.  This experience gives you a real appreciation for where your food comes from and an insight to alternatives to the mass produced and wasteful world of food we live in.