Here at The New Zealand Adventure Company we pride ourselves on creating incredible memories involving adventurous and unique experiences. Taking in the beauty of our local New Zealand wilderness. 

New Zealand’s biodiversity is unique and a big part of our national identity. However over 4,000 of our indigenous species are threatened or at risk of extinction. That is a lot of incredible wildlife we and future generations need to protect. 

What does this mean for New Zealand? It means we need a sustainable and comprehensive biodiversity strategy to protect the very things that make New Zealand such a spectacular place to visit. New Zealand’s current strategy laid out actions until the end of 2019. The Department of Conservation (DOC) is leading a consultation for an action plan from 2020, setting a vision and plan for the next 50 years of biodiversity work.   

The strategy vision for 2070 is: Nature in Aotearoa is healthy, abundant, and thriving. Current and future generations connect with nature, restore it, and are restored by it. 

After initial discussion and consultation with a number of groups to develop the strategy DOC want to hear what kiwis think… check out the link below to see how you can have your say. This is an exciting and imperative opportunity to ensure connection and protection of our magnificent natural environment.



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