Why? Because it’s great for the soul, personal growth and happiness.

Here in New Zealand there are endless adrenalin filled ways of taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Jumping off bridges with a bungee attached to your ankles, leaping from a plane, jet boating, white water rafting, zorb-ing, you name it. If it wasn’t invented here then it is probably still done for the fun of it, here in NZ.

Adrenalin pumping aside, I want to talk about a more personal and spiritual shift out of your comfort zone. There is no question New Zealand is a beautiful country. One of, if not the most scenic destination in the world. Much of its beauty though is never seen by most that live or visit here on holiday. The South Island’s alpine wilderness including the Southern Alps, alpine lakes, glaciers and rugged mountain peaks are the pinnacle of this beauty.

If you asked me to recommend one thing that was an absolute must do here in New Zealand, I would say get in a helicopter and get-up close and personal with this magnificent part of the country. There is no way of putting into words how this experience will humble you, ground you and grow your respect for Mother Nature. Giving you an appreciation for how special your life and family really is. You are one of the lucky ones to be sitting there suspended mid air next to some of the most incredible natural creations.

Yes you will feel fear (especially if you fear heights), yes you will feel strong emotions, yes you will contemplate your reason for being here on earth but these are all the reasons you should absolutely experience. We are fast losing our way in society and fast losing who we are. I strongly believe this is in part because we don’t go beyond our comfort zones enough. Humans are highly adaptable but only will they adapt when they put themselves beyond what they are comfortable doing.

This landscape is huge, it is volatile, it is stunningly beautiful, it is wild and untouched yet incredibly fragile all at the same time. The power that you will feed from when in its presence is like nothing we really experience in the manmade world. It came before humans and will be here long after we go. If you ever get the chance to experience this don’t hesitate, leap at the opportunity.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to get in a helicopter, do not fear. New Zealand is full of awe inspiring places, experiences and people. Taking you on an emotional journey, reconnecting you to what actually matters to you in life. Find your level of comfort and dip your toes outside of that. We specialise in helping people find this place and respect that you are not the same as the next person. Make your trip fun, make it an experience and take something away from it that will make you and those close to you better people.

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As I have mentioned I am a strong believer in taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Which leads on to my next blog about hunting/killing the very animal that you intend to consume. The last sentence may have already put some of you out of your comfort zone. If so I challenge you to read my next blog and tell me that it doesn’t spark even the most remote little bit of curiosity towards the topic of hunting. You may be surprised at how much more humane it can be and how much more it will connect you with what I call ‘reality’.

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