Hunting! It can be a divisive topic for many of us in society. The thought of killing an animal in the name of sport doesn’t sit well with many, and to be perfectly honest, even as a hunter I can’t say that I am comfortable with the idea of killing something just for sport. However, this said in my teens it was a slightly different story. I still certainly felt a level of remorse after shooting an animal be it for pest control, food or for what I perceived in those younger years as fun. As I have grown and developed my hunting I have also grown my personal ethics behind what I hunt and why I do it.

Within reason I am respectful to everyone’s purpose and reason for hunting as everyone is on a different journey and at different phases of their growth within the pursuit. As much as I am against animal cruelty in any form, I am fully aware that my actions through hunting, working on a farm, buying meat from the supermarket or eating out at a restaurant has or may have facilitated some level of animal cruelty along the chain. I am 100% not in denial of that. It is this realisation or understanding that drives me to choose how I kill and hunt my meat for me and my family to consume.

I choose to hunt, I select a particular animal, I pull the trigger, I feel the guilt, I clean, I butcher and finally I cook the meat. To be perfectly honest, for this reason it tastes incredible. Now, many people would agree with me that meat tastes good. However most of those whom are in agreeance that meat tastes good only ever make 1-2 choices out of the 7 or so choices that I highlighted above, choosing only to cook the meat they have purchased and eat it.

Now before this comes across like a rant against people who buy meat let me tell you it’s not. My point above is to show that the majority of us eat meat completely guilt free and quite unaware of how difficult most of us would find the reality of where our meat comes from. This brings me back to the topic of comfort zone discussed in my previous blog. For the majority of the meat eaters in society, shooting an animal and consuming it would put them well out of their comfort zone. I believe this step outside of their comfort zone is a positive step towards understanding a reality that many of us were brought up not even realising existed. 

If you are willing to eat meat, then are you willing to kill an animal? Seems like a harsh question but one with great merit I believe.

Hunting is a great way to connect with the reality of consuming meat, and not to mention connecting with nature and the stunning places hunting will take you. In doing so you will be taken from your comfort zone, like many of my clients have been on their first hunting trip. However just remember when we put ourselves out of these comfort zones we grow. Not only do we grow in our self confidence but we also grow our understanding and ability to make more informed and ethical choices. Hunting isn’t cruel! The lack of moral grounding and ethics that a hunter or even a non hunter carries through life in the form of ignorance and lack of respect for animals that we consume, that is what’s cruel. 

Choose to kill for your meat and do it with respect for the animals you hunt. Get out of your comfort zone give hunting a go and see where your food actually comes from. Just make sure you do it humanely and under the right supervision of an expert hunter or hunting guide.

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