With so much on offer in the South Island of New Zealand. Its sometimes difficult to decide what experiences should be at the top of your to do list when visiting. The same applies when choosing from the incredible experiences that The New Zealand Adventure Company offers year round. Its for this reason we have compiled the top 5 experiences on offer at The New Zealand Adventure Company.

Starting at number 5 and working down to the ultimate experience!

Number 5.  Guided Helicopter/Hike Experience

NZ Crayfishing

This is a spectacular helicopter flight/walk with stunning views of Lake Wanaka and Mount Aspiring. It will take you through historical gold diggings. You will see and experience a working high country station. As with the Wild Food/Helicopter Experience at No. 2 on this list, you will be treated a picnic lunch of wild New Zealand game foods like venison, crayfish, whitebait and more. All sourced and gathered by your guides. The meal will be accompanied by salads made from local produce. All washed down with your choice of locally brewed New Zealand beer or Central Otago wine. This activity is a little more active with a hike down from the top of the Criffel Range. It is not a difficult walk but gets the legs moving. Making you feel a little less guilty about making the most of the wild food feast you had for lunch.

Number 4.  Jet Boat/Bush Walk Experience

For those who have not been in a jet boat before this will certainly get the blood pumping. The trip is up the Matukituki Valley and journeys through a spectacular glacial carved valley. Get excited by a few Hamilton turns in the jet boat and the high speed shallow water ride up river. After hitting the East Branch you will disembark the jet boat. Taking a short 50min bush walk with your guide. Your guide will tell you all about the history of the valley. The wild life that once roamed there and wildlife which still does today. You will have a superb view of Avalanche Glacier and the glacial fed East Branch of the Matukituki River. The return jet boat ride is a little more subdued. But still breathtakingly beautiful. Or for another experience add on the helicopter pick up.

Number 3.  Guided Wilderness Helicopter Fly Fishing Experience

Jake Berry

New Zealand is beyond doubt the premier trout fishing destination of the world. With countless wilderness rivers, large trout and the scenery of fairytales. It really is worth experiencing this at least once in your life. Fly fishing in the South Island takes you to some of the most remote corners of New Zealand. Challenging your fly fishing skill like no where else on the planet. Access is by helicopter which makes the trip worth doing in itself. You will witness New Zealand and its beauty from above. Gaining access to out of the way locations that only few visit each year.

Number 2. Wild Food/Helicopter Experience

This trip will blow you away. It is the ultimate helicopter flight through the most vast glacier fields NZ has on offer, along with some of our highest peaks. You will get up close and personal with the Southern Alps. Including a glacier landing and a flight through valleys that very few will ever get to experience. We will choose the perfect location to land the helicopter where we will put on a huge feast. Wild New Zealand game foods like venison, crayfish, whitebait and more all sourced and gathered by your guides

. The meal will be accompanied by salads made from local produce. All washed down with your choice of locally brewed New Zealand beer or Central Otago wine.

We can add on a flight to the West Coast which is well worth doing. From the air you will see coastal wildlife, untouched remote beaches and cliff faces along the remote South Westland coast.

Number 1.  Fiordland Helicopter/Salt Water Fishing Experience

This is one that would certainly suit most people. The flight into Fiordland is truly a once in a lifetime experience, but one that many just can’t wait to do again. Fly across the Southern Alps. Land on New Zealand’s largest glaciers and fly down through the fiords to your destination in Fiordland. Fiordland where the mountains rise straight up from the sea. The scenic beauty of the place is something that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Flying from Wanaka you will land in a remote cove. In what is one of the most isolated and untouched parts of New Zealand and the world. You will land on your own private boat in Fiordland where you will be based overnight. Your crew will cater an evening meal sourced from the surrounding wilderness environment. A

gain all washed down with your choice of locally brewed New Zealand beer or Central Otago wine. There is the option to fish for Blue Cod, Hapuka, or dive for Crayfish along with other salt water species. Kayak or swim off the back of the boat. View dolphins and if you strike it really lucky whales as well. The crew will talk about the history of the area which is absolutely fascinating. Showing you fiords, coves and beaches only hardy fisherman and a few get to see. It is a rugged wilderness that words can not do justice.

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